We inadvertently train our bodies to perform foreign, unnatural movements every day of our lives.

Our bodies are not designed to sit in chairs, hunch over computers, walk in hard shoes with an elevated heel, sit in a car, and drive long distances. Realistically, most of us do these things every day. You can’t change the world but you can make a choice to change yourself. 



Anyone can workout, and just about anyone can bark orders and start a clock.

The “trainer” down at the corner gym making $10 an hour (of course, you’re going to pay the gym $80 an hour for his/her time) can give you a workout that will make you sweat and have you feeling like you really did something. But did you? The difference here is that we are LEARNING to move. Our bodies have lost much of their ability to move in the way it was intended. We give you the tools to perform ordinary things extraordinarily well.


Our coaching is the difference and it’s a value that can’t be matched.


Keep tabs on all the wicked awesome happenings at Narrows CrossFit.  We train hard so we can play hard.  Having fun together in and out of the gym is an important part of what we do.  Good health is about a balance of sweat and smiles and sometimes both.  You'll find it all in our community section.  Follow the buzz on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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This is where we will be introducing the community to our new members as well as admiring the achievements of our senior athletes.  Training tips and even yummy meal ideas can also be found here so check back often to stay up on the news!

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Check out the Workout Of the Day or "WOD." This is where all the juice is.  In true CrossFit style, we keep it varied and exciting.  Our programming is carefully planned out to create the building blocks to a stronger you.  Just add hard work and sweat.

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Missed a day in the gym or want to see how the rest of the day fared?  Check out the whiteboards for a detailed account of the day's activity.  That little bit of extra incentive to make that score count...